AQ2 Technologies software remittance solutions are an ideal fit for government agencies.  AQ2’s software automates the receipt of payments with solutions for federal, state and municipalities.  Governments receive hundreds of payments a day from taxes, licensing, permits, fees, citations, utilities and more.  The quickest and most accurate way to handle these payments is to automate their receipt.  Automating the receipt of payments allows you to create capacity in your organization and move people to higher value activities.  AQ2’s solutions help you to increase efficiency while minimizing operational tasks.  In addition to creating an electronic image of each receipt, the AQURIT™ software automatically feeds files increased accuracy to an organizations accounting software.  Not only does AQURIT™ upload data to your accounting software, it creates an additional file for electronic deposit to your bank. AQURIT™ is the latest generation of payments technology offered by AQ2.
See what our customers are saying about AQ2:
“Baldwin has reduced the cost of processing mail payment by 50% by implementing the AQ2 system.  This enables Baldwin to focus on maintaining the highest level of service, while keeping rates affordable and improving cash flow through quicker deposits.”  Alan Schott, Baldwin EMC.